Qualities & Skills Employers Look For

by Rick Suttle
Communication and computer skills along with flexibility are highly desired by employers.

Communication and computer skills along with flexibility are highly desired by employers.

Job candidates must have a number of qualities and skills to meet the demands of employers in the 21st century. Companies need employees who can contribute as soon as they're hired. These workers must be highly ethical and respectful of the multicultural differences in their coworkers, as companies are held to these high standards by shareholders and government agencies. If you possess and can demonstrate some of the qualities and skills desired by employers, you have a better chance of getting a job.

Communication Skills

Communication is the skill most highly desired by employers, according to Quintessential Careers. Communication skills include the ability to listen, write and speak effectively. For example, as a market research manager, you may meet with marketing and advertising managers to determine what information they need from customer surveys. You can then write questionnaires that helps you obtain this information. Similarly, professionals must be able to write proposals, emails and reports others can understand. And as a manager, you must be able to communicate with subordinates, peers and executives, and occasionally deliver one of those stellar presentations.

Problem-Solving Skills

Companies face many complex issues because of competition, changing technologies, consumer tastes and government regulations. Consequently, employees must have problem-solving skills to identify issues, devise reasonable alternatives and develop solutions for problems. For example, as a production manager, you might need to include additional nutritional information on food packages to meet new government regulations -- and accomplish this by staying within your budget. Regardless of the field you're in, the business environment is constantly changing. And whether you're developing counter ads to deflect aggressive competitive advertising or creating a new high-tech product because yours is becoming obsolete, you will be constantly solving problems as an employee.

Computer Skills

Computer skills are essential for employees because practically everything these days involves computers. You use computers to announce meetings by email, write proposals, create project logs and reports and devise financial spreadsheets. You also use various software packages depending on your field. Sales reps and other employees who frequently travel use computers to stay linked to employers and deliver daily sales figures and other important information.


Employers want to hire honest people. Honesty can be demonstrated by past actions. For example, you might have been responsible for your company's payroll, or handled lots of money as a restaurant manager. Some companies go to greater extremes to ensure employee honesty, mandating polygraph tests before they hire workers. Honest employees are crucial to a company's success, especially in the age of corporate scandals.


Hiring managers want self-motivated people who don't have to wait for the boss to tell them what to do. You are driven to complete tasks on your own. Bosses have many projects to complete by certain deadlines and can't always micromanage subordinates or they'd never get their own work done.

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