Qualities of a Manager in the Hospital Industry

by Aaron Guerrero

Just like any other organization, the hospital industry has several sectors like finance, personnel and information that need management. These sectors are quite complex in nature and require a professional approach to achieve efficiency in the hospital environment. This calls for a manager who is principled and understands the guidelines to follow to enhance smooth operation in the organization.

Future Orientation

The manager should focus on the future of the health organization. As an expert, he should be able to motivate and inspire others to attain common goals. He should be able to empower the workers enabling them to work toward the organization’s goals and targets. The professional should ensure proper communication about the organization's future and align the employees with it. He should work at close range with stakeholders to pinpoint measurable goals that the organization should meet to achieve organizational success within a specific period.

Cooperation Skills

Efficient communication enhances fruitful medical encounters. The hospital manager ensures that there are good relations in the health care organization ranging from casual workers to the top performance team. Such cooperation enables even patients to impact on the organization's decisions because the manager facilitates proper communication among patients and health care providers. Cooperation leads to professional satisfaction because patients are able to express their needs well. Cooperation ensures that the health care professionals offer quality services from disease diagnosis to treatment. These actions greatly influence the way the patients evaluate and perceive their visits with the physician.

Management Skills

For the manager to hire, endorse and manage workers, she must possess exceptional management skills. As a professional, she must be a good communicator, mediator, leader and sometimes diplomat. She must prioritize the health business and be ready to maintain unpopular policy resolutions if need be. For example, she must be willing to work long hours and be reachable at all times. The hospital manager occasionally should come into contact with patients and empathize with them since most of them go through stress and hard times.

Technical Skills

The capacity of a hospital manager requires you to possess unconventional health care knowledge. A bachelor's or master's degree in health care administration is required for this position. The hospital industry also recommends that you possess additional health care education relevant in this field. Working as a hospital requires abilities to handle several responsibilities. You also must be able to follow and interpret detailed technical, business and financial information such as accounting reports. As a manager you ensure that the financial status of the company is controlled and the organization does not go bankrupt.

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