Promoting a Job Fair

by Christina Caldwell
Advertising a job fair is crucial to getting people to attend.

Advertising a job fair is crucial to getting people to attend.

Job fairs are exciting events not only for the attendees but also for those hosting them. To make the most of a job fair, make sure that you get the word out about it in places where your audience will see the message.

College Campuses

College campuses are excellent places to promote job fairs because there are so many different types of job seekers. You can place ads on campus to reachgGraduating seniors seeking entry-level positions, students seeking internships and enrichment programs, alumni looking to get out of entry-level jobs and many others. Spread the word by placing posters and flyers in student unions and on library bulletin boards.


Although technology appears to be running the world, newspapers are still extremely helpful in spreading information. Place an announcement in the local paper to attract job seekers. This announcement can be styled like an ad or it can be a short write-up about the businesses that will be at the job fair and include any other pertinent event details, especially if registration is required.

Targeted Email

Consider targeted emails that highlight companies that are participating in the job fair. This may attract people to the event who wish to work for a specific company.

Social Media

Post information about the job fair on Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media. Make sure that someone is available to respond quickly to questions regarding the job fair because people may send text messages or post comments asking for event information.

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