How do I Post My Resume for a Job for Free?

by Sara Mahuron

Unemployed and broke -- it's an unfortunate reality for some, and even if you aren't broke, your budget might be tight. But you don't have to spend money you don't have to get your resume in front of potential employers when you can post it for free on one--or all --of the numerous online job boards. Not only will these job boards host your resume without costing you a dime, many are popular enough that they can charge employers a fee to access their data bases to find good candidates. .

Job Boards

The Internet is crawling with large-traffic websites where you can post your resume for free. Sites like,,, or are popular both with employers and with headhunters and staffing agencies. Another option is to resume on, a company who will post your resume to over 40 job boards on your behalf. Many of these job boards are designed to make finding a new job as quick and easy as possible by encouraging you to identify your job interests in your profile and notifying you when new jobs are listed that match. You can also post your resume on your state's Department of Labor job board, through your college's career center or on your local newspaper's job board.

Applicant Profiles

If there is an employer you really want to work for, check out their employment, careers or human resources website. Many large employers allow interested job seekers to create a profile on their website and upload their resume. When jobs match your profile, you are notified via email. The company's own recruiters can then search the resumes people upload to their website to fill vacancies as well.

Social Networks

Set yourself up with a profile on a career-focused social networking site like LinkedIn, which allows you to upload your resume for free and make it searchable. You can also link your other social network profiles to your LinkedIn profile, or create your own digital portfolio website that displays your resume, links to your projects, and other multimedia tools like video or a blog to increase your marketability. Just remember that social networks are powerful in good and bad ways. Avoid mixing business and pleasure -- keep any profile that lists your resume professional.

Specialized Job Boards

For job seekers with specific career interests, there are specialty job boards where industry-professionals will often look first when trying to fill an open position. Most occupations have job boards that cater specifically to job seekers in the same industry or line of work. Look for these on association, trade union or industry-specific websites. For example, if you are a higher education professional, you may want to post your resume on; teachers can post theirs on Civil engineers can post their resume on, and traveling nurses can post theirs on

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