How to Place an Ad for Sales Staff

by Amanda Banach
A well-written ad will drive more qualified candidates to apply for your sales position.

A well-written ad will drive more qualified candidates to apply for your sales position.

Sales representatives, regardless of industry, directly affect a company’s bottom line. When hiring for such a critical position, take care to place an effective job advertisement that will get plenty of market exposure and attract qualified applicants. You can place ads in print or online, but regardless of the medium, be sure to clearly state the essential job functions and qualifications.

Media Source

When placing an ad for sales staff, you’ll first need to decide which job boards or print publications you'd like it to appear in. For small businesses, this typically includes local newspaper ads, Internet job postings or a combination of both. Specialized sales positions, such as those in the pharmaceutical or telecommunications fields, may require the use of niche publications that are industry specific, and national companies may utilize other advertising sources such as billboard and magazine advertisements. Once you’ve identified sources within your budget and targeted demographic, create the ad content.

Job Title

Make sure to list the job title at the top of the ad. Instead of simply advertising that you're hiring sales reps, specifically list the type of sales staff you're seeking, such as advertising sales rep, retail sales professional or business-to-business sales reps. This will help attract individuals who possess knowledge and experience in the selected field.

Job Description

The job description should provide a realistic picture of what the daily routine consists of for the sales role. It’s nearly impossible to list each and every job duty, so list only the essential responsibilities sales representatives will perform, such as making inbound or outbound calls, securing new business accounts, meeting sales goals or delivering sales presentations. If the position requires employees to work irregular hours or use their own cars for business purposes, be sure to list this information as well.


Clearly list the minimum qualifications an applicant must possess in order to be eligible for the position. These items should be consistent with the eligibility criteria specified in your company’s internal job description. You can make your ad more effective by also listing your preferred qualifications. These are items that aren't necessarily required but which would give a candidate a more competitive edge for consideration when applying. For example, minimum qualifications for a sales position may include a high school diploma along with one year of prior sales-related experience, whereas the preferred qualifications might include a college degree plus five years of experience working in a government contracting environment.

Application Instructions

Specify any instructions candidates should follow to submit an application for consideration. This could include asking them to email a resume and cover letter to a specified email address, directing them to your business’s website to complete an online employment application or asking them to stop by to apply in person. In cases where you need to hire sales reps quickly, consider advertising that you're scheduling on-the-spot interviews at a predetermined date, time and location.

Submitting the Ad for Publication

Now that you've completed your ad, follow the instructions specified by your selected media source to submit it for publication. Most media companies offer multiple methods of submitting ad copy, including via email, online or the phone. You'll generally have an opportunity to review an ad proof and price quote for approval prior to the ad going live, and you should have a chance to make revisions, if needed. Once you've signed off on the job advertisement and made the necessary payment arrangements, be sure to look for your live ad to ensure it's running correctly and according to the agreed-upon schedule.

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