How to Find a Person by Military Service Numbers

by Katie Jacobson

Having a loved one away on active military duty can be emotionally wrenching for both the civilian and the soldier. Getting in touch with your friend or relative who is serving can provide a tremendous amount of relief to both parties. However, it can be difficult to keep track of where a person is stationed, and this can cause undue anguish if you are unable to contact the soldier. Fortunately, most branches of the U.S. military are able to tell you how you can reach the person you are looking for.

Go Straight to the Source

Contact the branch of military in which your loved one is serving. Currently, the Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force can give you at least some information about the person for which you are searching. The Army no longer provides this service.

Provide as much information you can about the person for which you are searching. In addition to their name and service number, useful identifiers include their Social Security number, military rank and last known place of deployment.

Call or write to the appropriate branch of military, and give them all the information you have. If the person is in the Navy, there is a fee of $3.50 for using the locator service for civilians and those not in the person's immediate family.

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