Novelty Gifts for Teenagers

by Elise Wile
Give a teen the right gift, and she'll jump for joy.

Give a teen the right gift, and she'll jump for joy.

By nature, teenagers are curious and have a variety of interests. They also often display a sophisticated sense of humor. It stands to reason that for such creatures, novelty gifts often pack more of a punch than more pedestrian offerings such as gift cards and DVDs. To select the right gift, consider the teen's interests and sense of humor. You're likely to find plenty to choose from, especially when you include the option of personalizing your gift.


The trick to buying a T-shirt that will prompt a shout of glee from a teenager is choosing the right color and design. Simply choose the teen's favorite color, and then think about what sets her heart racing. Whether it's a pink shirt with steampunk gears printed on the front or a black tee with her favorite singer, this gift is sure to please. For the best selection, look online rather than in the juniors section of a department store.

Tech Accessories

If you opt for a tech accessory for an uber-connected teen, you'll have plenty to choose from. You can buy speakers that look like bangles for an MP3 player, funky charms to cover earbuds and gloves that have "smart touch" technology so teens can use their electronic devices while keeping their mitts warm. It's also easy to purchase a custom cover for a teen's mobile device or laptop by uploading photos or art to websites that let you personalize products with your own designs.


Give a teen a pack of bacon-flavored gumballs so he can take them to school and gross out his friends. Cheese in aerosol cans is fun and perfect for the occasional teen food fight. Don't overlook any marshmallow bunnies left over from Easter, as teens can put two of them in the microwave holding cocktail swords and watch the hilarious fight that ensues as they blow up into gooey treats. Health-conscious teens will likely enjoy treats that aren't available in the average supermarket, such as seaweed snacks, wasabi-flavored chips and kombucha.

Home Decor

Even if a teen's room isn't likely to make the pages of "Elle Decor" anytime soon, that doesn't mean he won't enjoy a gift that will liven up his space. Lighting makes a fun gift, as you can choose from lamps shaped like pieces in the game Tetris for the gamer, disco balls for dancers or earthy Himalayan salt lamps for teens who have a hippie vibe. Pillows shaped like a sneaker or a friendly monster may also delight. Novelty clocks are also fun, such as the one that races across the room when the alarm goes off or the wall clock that features algebraic equations in lieu of numbers.

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