Must-Have Skills for Entrepreneurs

by Adele Burney
Good leadership skills help entrepreneurs convey their vision to their staffs.

Good leadership skills help entrepreneurs convey their vision to their staffs.

Striking out on your own and starting a business can be an overwhelming endeavor. The rewards of starting your own business are many, but the road to success is not easy. Preparing to start a business means educating yourself about the skills needed to be successful. The most important thing to have is a good idea and a business plan. Once the business plan is in place, entrepreneurs use a variety of talents to cultivate their enterprise.


Entrepreneurs possess visionary skills that allow them to see opportunities that others may not see. A successful entrepreneur has a vision of a business venture that he follows throughout the setup and life of the business. A vision is a road map that leads an entrepreneur to success. Unfortunately for those starting out in business, it may be hard to get others to see this vision, especially banks or venture capitalists. So, many entrepreneurs use their own money to start their businesses.

Accounting Skills

Having a good idea is only the beginning of building a successful business. A good entrepreneur possesses accounting knowledge in order to keep the business in the black. Although a business degree from Harvard is not required to start a company, a few business courses at the local community college won’t hurt. A skillful entrepreneur needs to understand what business licenses are needed as well as calculating quarterly and annual tax filings. In case there is a staff, payroll taxes will need to be calculated and unemployment compensation paperwork needs to be filed.

Marketing Skills

Self-promotion skills are a must for a small business owner. Entrepreneurs cannot be shrinking violets. When promoting a new business, entrepreneurs must use many different outlets in order to reach their target audience. They have to get out there and sell themselves and their business. Becoming social-media savvy is important for an entrepreneur. Social-media outlets such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter offer low-cost ways to spread the word about an up-and-coming business. To promote their business, entrepreneurs can join networking clubs, civic groups or rotary clubs. Websites and print media offer outlets for promotion as well and should not be overlooked.

Interpersonal Skills

Entrepreneurs deal with many people, including vendors, customers and staff. To sell your business you essentially need to sell yourself, and someone who is quiet and shy when it comes to talking about his business will have a hard time getting it off the ground. In the beginning, word of mouth will sell your business, so get your mouth going. If people like you they will want to purchase your product or service. Likeability is a huge asset when it comes to starting a business and promoting it.

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