How to Find Music Director Jobs at Churches

by Molly Thompson

You've tweaked your resume and are looking for a new job in church music ministry. Whether you have a home church or not, be prepared to cast a wide net in your desired area -- or within a specific religious denomination, if that's important to you -- to maximize your chances of finding a church music director position. The Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook reports that music director and composer jobs will increase about 10 percent through 2020 but that competition for these jobs will be strong "because of the large number of people who are interested in this field."

Use the services of your college or music school guidance or career services office, particularly if you're looking for your first job in the field. Talk to a career counselor, sign up for interview opportunities and attend job fairs related to church music positions. If you haven't already done so, establish and grow your network of contacts in the field, starting with your music professors, academic advisers and the music professionals at your church.

Tell friends, relatives and colleagues that you're looking for a church music director position. Ask them to let you know of any openings in their church or town for the type of position you seek. If you have contacts in ministry positions, ask them to share your resume with the personnel committee in their church, district or diocese.

Visit the websites of your preferred religious denomination or the churches in your area to identify possible music director openings. Certain denominations, such as the United Methodist Church, maintain websites for job openings within their churches around the world, including music director positions. Follow the directions posted with the vacancies to apply for specific jobs. When you identify a position of interest, study the website of the church with the vacancy to learn more about the church itself and to determine whether you're qualified for the job.

Visit church staffing websites regularly. Sites such as and provide a forum for churches of all denominations to post vacancies. Go to the file or category tab on these sites for music ministry positions to find open music director jobs. Some of these sites also permit job-seekers to post resumes, which gives you an opportunity to reach a wide array of churches seeking music professionals.

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