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How Much Does Someone in Retail Management Make?

by Forest Time, studioD

Some retail stores are small enough that they employ only one general manager and a couple of supervisors. Others are either large enough to have several departments or are part of a chain of stores with a corporate structure. These larger types of retail establishments may employ several different types of managers to ensure that business runs smoothly. The expected salary of a store manager depends on the type of store and the type of management position.

Sales Managers

Sales managers oversee teams of sales workers and develop strategies to increase revenue. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, sales managers working at gasoline and convenience stores earned an average of $72,150 per year. Those employed by clothing stores averaged $72,450 per year, and sales managers working for department stores reported an average annual salary of $78,220. Electronics stores reported one of the higher average salaries for this occupation, $87,660 per year.

Human Resources Managers

Larger retail enterprises employ human resources managers, sometimes called HR managers, to oversee the concerns of employees. HR managers oversee departments that specialize in payroll, benefits, hiring, firing and training. Human resources managers working for building supply stores, or hardware stores, earned an average of $83,570 per year in 2012. However, some retail industries paid substantially more. For example, electronics retailers paid HR managers an average of $98,740 per year, while clothing retailers paid these managers an average of $109,700 per year.

Financial Managers

Financial managers make sure that a store or company correctly balances the books, and look for ways to save money and improve revenue. Financial managers tend to be some of the highest-paid managers in retail, though average salaries vary significantly by industry. For example, hardware stores paid an average of $93,690 per year, while clothing retailers paid financial managers a high average salary of $152,340 per year. Financial managers of gasoline and convenience retailers averaged $103,390 per year, and those employed by electronics stores reported an average salary of $119,580.

General and Operations Managers

General and operations managers oversee the activities of one or more specific retail stores. In smaller operations, they may perform many of the duties associated with human resource, financial and sales managers. On the lower end of the salary scale, general and operations managers working for gasoline and convenience stores averaged $74,090 per year. Those employed by department stores averaged $84,510 per year, hardware stores paid an average of $89,770, and clothing stores paid an average of $90,100. General and operations managers of electronics stores reported one of the higher average salaries for this occupation, $100,140.

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