How Much Does a Maid Make an Hour?

by Mark Applegate

Being a maid is a challenging and physically demanding job that typically involves vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, mopping, dish washing and doing laundry. The hourly salary you can expect to earn varies based on experience, job requirements, geography and performance.


In its May 2012 report, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said 894,920 maids were employed in the United States, earning an average of $10.49 per hour. Beginners averaged $7.90 per hour, while the top 10 percent averaged $14.89 per hour. While no specialized education is required to be a maid, experience can improve performance and, in turn, compensation.


As in most industries, geography affects maids' hourly wages. In New York State, maids averaged $14.89 per hour, while those in Texas averaged only $8.82 per hour. Wages in large cities tended to be higher. In New York City, for example, maids averaged $17.13 per hour while maids in San Francisco and Las Vegas earned $15.96 and $14.35 per hour, respectively. By comparison, maids in rural Southwest Missouri typically earned $8.86 per hour.


Maids who work part-time may not qualify for health insurance or other benefits. However, maids who work full time through an agency may qualify for a basic benefits package. Maids who work in hospitals or hotels also may qualify for benefits, depending on local competition. Live-in maids generally are provided with food and housing in addition to a salary, but don't have the flexibility of their agency counterparts.

Other Considerations

Elite maids in wealthy communities can sometimes take business courses, advance to higher positions within a household and earn much higher salaries. Maids that become household managers often supervise other staff in the home, help plan parties and other events and see that the house runs smoothly when the homeowner is away. Household managers can earn $25 to $40 per hour and also be provided with housing. Similarly, maids work work with a maid service can advance to sales manager or other supervisory positions and make more per hour.

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