Motivating Factors to Joining a Board of Directors

by Laura Woods

A board of directors provides oversight to an organization, working together to promote its best interests. Joining a board of directors is a wonderful opportunity to give back to a cause you care about. It’s also a great career move, as you’re able to become a better leader, improve your professional development skills and network with powerful people.

Professional Development

Serving on a board of directors can help you to learn many valuable skills that can enhance your career. You’ll likely serve on committees, speak at events, assist with fundraising efforts and more. You may also be asked to help out in areas you’re not familiar with such as marketing, reporting and strategic planning, allowing you to diversify your skill set. Serving on a board of directors also looks great on your resume and may help you to gain a competitive edge on other candidates the next time you’re interviewing for a new position.

Making a Difference

When you donate your time to work for a cause you’re passionate about, you’re able to help make a difference. Holding a leadership position, such as serving on a board of directors, ensures your voice is heard. Not only does it feel good to know you’re working for a good cause, your generosity also benefits others.


By choosing to become a board member, you’ll be able to network with many important people. Not only will working with your fellow board members provide an opportunity to connect with other successful, established professionals, you’ll also have countless occasions to make other new contacts. You’ll be able to meet some very influential people who may serve as valuable future connections. These contacts can help you to learn when organizations are hiring, write letters of recommendation and even introduce to you key members in companies where you’d like to work.

Improve Leadership Skills

Board members are authoritative figures in an organization. If you’ve never served in a leadership role, this is a great chance to develop management skills or enhance those you already have. Members of an organization look to board members to lead committees, host meetings and provide general oversight on matters important to the cause. Many of your fellow board members will likely be established business professionals, so you can use them as mentors.

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