How to Motivate Your Team to Do a Better Job

by Alejandro Russell

Motivated employees tend to produce better results. When an employee is motivated, she usually feels she has a greater role in the organization and its success, something that gives her an increased sense of worth. While there is general agreement that it is important to motivate employees, there is the question of how best to accomplish it.

Alignment of Interests

It is important that your company's interests and your team’s interests are the same. You can't expect your team to be motivated if they know their good work will only benefit a few top managers or shareholders. One way to align the interests of both parties is to ensure that your team benefits when the company prospers. Offering performance-based bonuses, or letting employees share in profits, are good ways to reward their work and keep them motivated.

Share Team Vision

A team vision describes what the team wants to achieve. For example, a team might be formed to improve interdepartmental communication and cooperation. Achieving this vision will require members to come up with ideas on improving relations between employees who work in different departments. Sharing such a vision with all your team members gives them a sense of purpose because it helps them recognize how their work will be of value to the organization.

Encouragement and Feedback

When you encourage your team members and give them regular feedback on their accomplishments, it motivates them to continue producing at a high level. Keep in mind that your team members are human, and humans respond to positive reinforcement. When an employee does something worthy of praise, such as surpassing sales goals or developing a more efficient way to fulfill orders, recognize his accomplishments with a certificate of appreciation or a simple staff email letting everyone know about the good work he did. Also, be generous with compliments for a job well done. If someone exceeds expectations, let her know about it and show your appreciation.

Personal Issues

One way to keep employees motivated is let them know you are willing to accommodate their personal issues such as medical appointments and family commitments. Sit down with your team members and find out how best you can help them achieve a healthy work-life balance. This might mean letting them have flexible work schedules or providing days off so they can attend to their personal issues. Whichever step you take, just remember that sensitivity to personal issues is a highly appreciated gesture that leads to higher motivation levels.