Monthly Salary of Public Relations Employee

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Workers in public relations are hired to make sure that their clients look good to the public. In some cases, clients may be individuals, and in other case, clients may be small or large companies. Public relations employees usually work very closely with advertising employees, and typically have a bachelor's degree in communications, public relations, or a closely related subject.

National Monthly Pay Statistics

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average public relations worker earns an average of $61,980 per year or the equivalent of $5,165 per month. Nationally, monthly salaries for half of all public relations specialists ranged from $3,340 to $6,176. The lowest-paid 10 percent of public relations workers made $2,563 or less per month, and the highest-paid PR specialists reportedly earned $8,419 or more per month.

Monthly Pay by Employer

According to the BLS, public relations workers employed by the federal government earned more than those working for any other type of employer, averaging $7,333 per month. Those who worked for public relations and advertising firms reported an average monthly salary of $6,227, while employees working directly for political, social or labor organizations earned an average of $5,273 a month. One of the lowest rates of pay, $4,531 per month, was reported by public relations workers employed at colleges and universities.

Pay Differences Between Regions

Public relations specialists working in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and West reported the highest rates of pay in the country in 2012. Outside of the nation's capital, California reported the highest average pay for public relations employees at $6,149 per month. Virginia ranked second at $5,876 per month, followed by Maryland at $5,789 per month and Arizona at $5,686 per month. The Southeast and Midwest were the lowest-paying regions for public relations specialists. In the very lowest-paying state, Mississippi, employees earned an average of $3,256 per month.

Pay for PR Managers

With several years of experience in public relations -- and perhaps a master's degree -- a public relations specialist can be promoted into the ranks of management. According to the BLS, the average public relations manager earned $108,260 per year in 2012, or approximately $9,022 per month. The potential earnings can be even higher; the bureau also reports that the highest-paid 25 percent of public relations managers made $11,224 or more per month, and the highest-paid 10 percent brought home $15,040 or more per month.

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