Who Makes More Money, Pharmacy or Health Care Management?

by Forest Time

Health care managers, also known as medical or health services managers, oversee departments and facilities in hospitals, outpatient care centers and other medical facilities -- including pharmacies. However, when compared to the average pay for all types of health care managers, managers of pharmacies tend to be paid very well.

Average Pay for Health Care Managers

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, health care managers in all fields earned an average wage of $47.34 per hour, or $98,460 annually, as of May 2012. The highest average pay for health care managers occurred in the Northeast and Western states, with New York reporting the highest average salary of $114,550. Health care managers working in the South and Midwest tended to earn the least, with those in Montana earning the lowest average salary in the nation -- $74,700.

Health Care Manager Pay by Setting

Health care managers report significant variations in expected salaries according to the type of work facility. For example, those employed by specialty hospitals averaged $112,830 per year in 2012, those working for medical laboratories averaged $105,190, and managers in general hospitals averaged $104,680. On the lower end of the pay scale, health care managers employed by outpatient care centers averaged $94,720 per year, while those employed by nursing homes made a relatively low average salary of $82,240.

Pay for Pharmacy Management

According to a salary survey conducted by PharmacyWeek.com, pharmacy managers across the United States brought home an average of $65.81 per hour, or $136,900 annually, as of spring 2013. The highest pay in the nation was reported by pharmacy managers working out West, who averaged $146,400 per year. The lowest average pay in the nation, $128,200 per year, was reported by pharmacy managers employed in the Southeast.

Pharmacy Management Pay by Setting

As with all types of health care managers, pharmacy managers tend to earn more in some employment situations than in others. The highest average annual pay, $139,600, was reported by managers of pharmacies located in hospitals and other health care facilities. Managers of drug store pharmacies averaged $128,900 per year, as did those who managed pharmacies inside grocery stores. Managers of pharmacies located inside department stores earned the lowest average salary, $123,400.

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