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How to Moisturize Dry Skin Under Your Eyes

by Sophie Southern

You already have to deal with preventing dark circles, bags and crow’s feet, but dryness under your eyes shouldn’t be additional cause for worry. The delicate skin under your eyes is incredibly sensitive; if you suffer from dry skin, it’s especially important to pay attention to this area. Choosing the right hydration for both your skin type and eye area plays a huge roll, but so does the way you apply the product.

Be Gentle

Always use a cream, serum or gel that is specifically made for the skin around the eyes. Ordinary face creams and body lotions are too thick for this thin, delicate area, and using these non-specific products can cause bags or puffiness. Many eye products firm, reduce redness and prevent fine lines, so be sure the product you choose specifically includes a moisturizer. Never rub the skin under your eyes, both in general and when applying a cream. This pulls the skin and can cause wrinkles. Instead, gently dab the product under your eye with your ring finger and press it into your skin until fully absorbed.

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