Medical Clinic Manager Salary

by Jeffrey Joyner

Medical clinic managers perform or supervise a variety of tasks in physicians' offices and outpatient care facilities. They may also manage a clinic or department located in a hospital. Duties vary by employer, but they typically include preparing staff schedules, ensuring compliance with current regulations and managing the clinic's finances. Medical clinic managers normally have at least a bachelor's degree in health care administration, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, although many have also earned their master's degrees.

Salaries in Physicians' Offices

Physicians' offices were the second-largest employer of medical and health services managers in 2012, according to the BLS, with only general hospitals employing a greater number. In 2012, physicians' offices paid their medical clinic managers an average salary of $97,330 per year.

Salaries at Outpatient Care Facilities

Medical managers at outpatient care facilities earned an average of $94,720 annually in 2012, according to the BLS. Outpatient care facilities were the fifth-largest employer for the occupation.

Salaries at Hospitals

Medical clinic managers at hospitals typically oversee a specific department, such as nursing medical records or physical therapy. They normally provide data and assistance needed by the chief administrator. General hospitals employed more than 38 percent of the nation's health services managers in 2012, according to the BLS, and paid an average salary of $104,680 per year. Hospitals for substance abuse and psychiatric care paid a mean annual salary of $95,380, and other specialty hospitals paid an average of $112,830.

Best-Paying Employer Types

As a group, medical clinics weren't the best-paying employers for medical services managers, according to the BLS. Companies that designed computer systems and offered related services paid health care managers an average of $146,160, but this industry employed only an estimated 50 people in this occupation. Manufacturers of pharmaceuticals employed approximately 300 medical managers and paid them an average annual salary of $142,210.

Job Outlook

Overall, the BLS expects that jobs for medical services managers will increase 22 percent through 2020. This compares favorably to the 14 percent increase the BLS predicts for all U.S. occupations combined. An aging population and advances in technology that allow many procedures to shift from hospitals to physician offices or outpatient care facilities should drive the demand for medical clinic managers at these types of facilities in particular.

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