Marketing Coordinator Job Description

by Robert Morello

Marketing coordinators work under marketing managers to align all marketing initiatives, materials and scheduling into a seamless course of events aimed at driving sales and keeping a consistent place in the market. Marketing coordinators are often dynamic in personality and range of talents, and develop a wide array of skills during their tenure.

Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to individual marketing campaigns, coordinators take the lead maintenance role. Coordinators may deal with print, online, TV, radio and direct-to-consumer advertising all at one time. They keep watch over every initiative to ensure that it is accurate, timely and legal in all ways. Coordinators maintain a clear message and a consistent brand image across all media and work to advise the marketing manager and director about what is lacking or in need of change. The coordinator has agreat deal of input in the overall marketing operations of a company, and the position is excellent training for a management position in the future.


Marketing coordinators act as liaisons between the brand and its advertising partners, suppliers and all those represented by the marketing that is produced and released to the public. As a liaison, the coordinator works to make sure all parties are in agreement about the content and specifics of each ad campaign and that there are no misunderstandings or differences of opinion among those paying the bills and those producing the marketing materials. Coordinators work behind the scenes to ensure a smooth and orderly progression toward finished product, and they are an essential part of a successful long-term marketing partnership.


Marketing coordinators schedule marketing initiatives and events to suit the demands of the business, the market and any partners involved with the process. Marketing schedules do not just consist of campaign start and end dates, they also include deadlines for every step of the creation process, proof and draft delivery dates, run times and other considerations that must be taken into account when calculating the most efficient and effective way to run a marketing initiative. Coordinating all aspects of the marketing machine to fit into a calendar is one of the more demanding tasks associated with the position and one of the most important.

Seasonal Campaigns

In most industries, there are times of high demand and times of low demand. These ebbs and flows can be determined by seasonal trends and market demand. The coordinator must -- in concert with the rest of the marketing staff -- plan for increases and decreases in demand with marketing initiatives to address the needs of the company accordingly. For example, in low season, marketing that drives consumers with incentives and discounts is more likely to appear. In high season, quality, comparisons and battles with competition are more the norm. These must all be planned and prepared for well in advance, and the coordinator will handle the bulk of that workload.

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