Manifesting the Job of Your Dreams

by Christian Fisher

Manifesting your dream job can involve years of fine-tuning a vision of your ideal future and acting on opportunities that bring it to life. Thirty percent of professionals responding to a November 2012 LinkedIn survey claimed that they currently work in, or work close enough to, their childhood dream jobs. Your dream job may not land in your lap straight out of college but planning and proper execution can make it happen.


Knowing what you want to do every day gets you started. For example, you may want a job with more travel opportunities, or one that gives you hours that are more flexible. Maybe you want to work within teams or work alone. You may want to apply your skills at selling, designing, competing, leading, organizing or helping others. You might not care about making a lot of money or want to make boatloads more. If you’re employed, opportunities may present themselves within your organization to fulfill your employment desires. Assessing what you want may also reveal new positions or career paths better suited for you.


Envisioning your future fuels your progress. Writing down a description of how you want your life to be in three to five years helps move you toward manifesting that future. Creating a document and updating it with details about your ideal future is powerfully motivating. Include such things as long-time passions and interests you’d like to engage in everyday, the types of work you’d do if money were no issue, how you want your family to live, or what kind of contributions you want to be making within your dream industry or for the world overall. Big detailed ideas help define your dream.


Understanding your dream employment field opens doors. For example, it’s helpful to know if the employers in your dream field are clustered in one location, and whether you’d have to relocate in order to be hired. If your dream is to be self-employed, your ongoing self-education through trade magazines, leading blogs, job boards and social networks can help you find a missing need or a niche to establish. Additionally, if you’re gunning for a job with a dream employer, expressing strong knowledge of the company’s latest news or public reports may make you that employer’s dream applicant, suggests Caroline Ceniza-Levine in her March 2012 “Forbes” article “Seven Ways to Customize Your Search for Your Dream Job.”


Action eventually leads to achieving a dream job. You may need to update your resume with relevant experience in order to be hired in your dream field. Taking on voluntary or temporary work for experience is a step forward. You may need training or certification in order to qualify for your dream job. Meeting people by through social network groups, trade shows or events in the field becomes essential. The people you meet may someday become your job referrers, clients or mentors who help you manifest your dream.

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