How to Lose Weight With a Toddler

by Tammy Dray

Trying to lose weight with a toddler at home can be challenging. After all, who has time to go out to the gym when you have to come home to care for your little one? Rather than trying to fit your weight-loss efforts around your child, it might be a better idea to make him part of the whole thing.

Put your toddler in a jogging stroller and go out for a run. Even a daily walk might be enough if you haven't exercised for a while. The Mayo Clinic recommends at least 30 minutes of daily activity for general health, but more for weight loss. If possible, try to spend at least one hour every day moving and being active to improve your numbers on the scale.

Join a Mommy and Me fitness class. These are special fitness classes designed to include both moms and kids. The type and contents of the classes vary from gym to gym. You can find aerobics classes, abs classes and even yoga classes. If there's no class where you live, you can form your own, following the guidelines outlined at

Take your toddler to a swimming class. Most swimming lessons for very young children allow the parents to get into the pool with the kids. While you won't be doing any swimming -- your job will be to hold and direct your child -- you will have to use your arms for holding, plus your legs for kicking and moving around. When it comes to burning calories for weight loss, every bit counts; plus, this is a great way to get your toddler moving as well.

Involve your toddler in the kitchen to help you prepare healthy foods. As much as you can, make it a goal to eat the same foods he does. If you're focused on feeding your child plenty of healthy foods -- such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables -- and you eat the same, the pounds will melt off without you even realizing it. Good ideas to try with your toddler include making salads (both the veggie and fruit variety) or smoothies, as well as preparing simple sandwiches using low-fat meats and tons of sliced-up veggies.

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