How Long Does Watermelon Stay Fresh After Cut?

by Tremaine Jackson

Fresh watermelon is an ideal light fruit treat, either unaccompanied or as the central ingredient of a fruit salad. Domestic watermelon is available April through November, though enjoying watermelon is typically associated with spring and summer. Whether it's cut in wedges or sliced and cubed, keeping watermelon fresh is key to preserving taste and texture.

Watermelon -- Best Eaten Sooner Than Later

At room temperature, a cut watermelon stored in an airtight container remains fresh for approximately one day, and roughly three to five days if refrigerated. Watermelon is 90 percent water and easily freezes. When storing it in your refrigerator, position it as far away from your freezer as possible. Though widely regarded as a fruit, watermelon is a vegetable.

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