List of Training Programs for Green Jobs

by William Henderson

Environmentally friendly careers, also known as green jobs, integrate resource conservation, renewable energy development and use and recycling initiatives to address worldwide environmental problems. Most two- and four-year colleges offer training programs for green jobs. You may also be able to take advantage of green-job training programs offered in the state where you live. Your local career center and the U.S. Department of Labor can provide you with information.

Using Electricity as Renewable Energy

Some industries, such as automotive manufacturers and builders, have started using renewable energy to help minimize reliance on nonrenewable resources, such as fossil fuels. Community colleges, such as Los Angeles Trade-Tech and Laney College in Oakland, California, offer training programs in using electricity as a renewable energy. The North American Board of Energy Practitioners also offers several programs in the use of solar energy and electricity.

Wind and Solar Energy Training Programs

Training programs affiliated with universities or community colleges, as well as those offered by independent agencies, can teach you how to harness wind and solar energy. Adven, LLC, in Austin, Texas, offers training programs in solar power technology, solar application engineering, solar energy system installation and solar power equipment usage. Airstreams Renewables, Inc., in Tehachapi, California, offers training in operating, troubleshooting, servicing and maintaining wind turbines.

Using Water Efficiently

Some green jobs involve managing and conserving water resources. Knowing how to build water-reclamation systems, such as those that treat wastewater so it can be reused, can qualify you for a number of green jobs. You can earn a degree from Los Angeles Trade-Technical College in water purification and wastewater technology. The Humboldt County Redwood Coast Green Pre-Apprenticeship Program in California also offers training in the efficient use and reuse of water.

Construction Training

The U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, sets standards for the construction of environmentally friendly homes and buildings. Many states have training programs that teach these standards. For example, New York’s Building Performance Institute offers a range of training programs, such as for heating and manufactured housing professions and for operations specialists.You can find similar training programs at facilities around the country, such as at GreenWORKS for San Diego, Adven, LLC in Austin, Texas, and at the Alabama Center for Renewable Energy Sector Training.

Energy Auditors

Energy auditors are consultants who advise businesses on ways to reduce reliance on nonrenewable resources and cut energy costs. You can learn how to work as an energy auditor by taking a course offered by Everblue, the continuing-education division of the International Academy of Design and Technology-Chicago, which offers classes at more than 100 locations worldwide. The Association of Energy Engineers also offers a certification and training program. You can also learn ways of teaching others about the importance of green jobs through the Roxbury Environmental Empowerment Program in Boston.

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