A List of Jobs in Criminal Investigation

by Johnny Kilhefner

Criminal investigation deals with numerous incidents. The types of jobs range from solving violent crimes to financial and legal investigation. Investigators rely on intelligence gathered by analysts and through sources to solve and prevent crimes. Tasks include interviewing people, conducting surveillance, collecting evidence and presenting evidence in court.

Intelligence Analysis

Investigators rely on intelligence analysis as a law enforcement support tool. Criminal intelligence analysis deals with identifying relationships between crime data and data of interest as it may relate to the crime. Analysts are crucial in aiding law enforcers and providing insight into potential threats and supporting operational and strategic tactics of police.

Crime Scene Investigation

Crime scene investigation deals with preservation and recovery of clues leading to solving a crime. These investigators must learn sensitive case information and witness and suspect statements to consider in an objective analysis of crime scenes. No two crime scenes are alike, and investigators must use their best judgement in proceeding with investigations. Generally, though, crime scene investigation involves a scene walk-through, collection of evidence and scene documentation.

Computer Forensic Investigation

Investigators in the information technology age find themselves relying on technology in the collection and analysis of evidence. Vital case information may reside within a suspect's computer that was destroyed or otherwise tampered with. Computer forensic investigators specialize in recovery data from computers -- such as deleted emails and documents -- analyzing the information and presenting it to criminal investigation teams as evidence.

White Collar Investigation

Not all crimes take place in gritty crime scenes. White-collar crime deals with corporate and financial misconduct that may appear docile on the surface but destroys companies and the life savings of families. White-collar crime investigators investigate fraud, including money laundering, bankruptcy, corporate, financial, health care, hedge fund, insurance, mass marketing, mortgage, piracy and intellectual property theft, and securities and commodities fraud.

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