How to List Foreign Education on a Curriculum Vitae

by Ashley Adams-Mott

A curriculum vitae often takes the place of a less comprehensive resume when you are looking for a career in academia, research or a scientific field. Like a resume, a CV needs to fully reflect your relevant educational and work experience if you want to land the job of your dreams. If you attended school overseas or earned a degree in a foreign country, this information needs to be represented in your CV under the appropriate section.

Degrees Obtained Overseas

If you are a naturalized U.S. citizen who began pursuing higher education in the country of your birth, list any relevant degrees you earned front and center on your curriculum vitae. Also, list any degree earned on the way to a larger academic level. For example, if you want to list a Master of Arts in English earned in the United States on your CV, you also need to list a Bachelor of Arts in English earned elsewhere to illustrate your entire academic journey.

Foreign Education Entries

Present your degrees under the education section of your CV in reverse chronological order. For each degree, list your year of graduation, the school's city and state and the name of the educational institution. If you have a degree from another country, also include the country for all of your college locations. When you are currently working toward a degree in the United States or abroad, you may also list it in this section and indicate your progress, such as 30 of 45 credit hours completed with a 3.9 GPA.

Study Abroad Experience

When you study abroad while completing a degree, consider putting this information on your CV, particularly if it is relevant to the larger scope of your career. For example, if you submitted your CV for a position as an associate professor in Spanish, a year spent studying abroad in Spain is a definite plus. Include your study abroad experience as a separate section under the larger education heading.

Study Abroad Entries

Create a study abroad entry using the same basic format as your entry for a degree earned. List the number of months or years you spent abroad as well as the school you studied at along with the city, state and country. Highlight the key skills you developed or refined, such as increased fluency in conversational Spanish, unique insights into the Spanish culture or a concentrated study of the Spanish monarchy.

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