List of Artistic Careers

by Forest Time
Photographers must play creatively with light and composition to produce successful photographs.

Photographers must play creatively with light and composition to produce successful photographs.

Joining the world of work doesn't necessarily mean squelching your creative urge. In fact, some careers thrive on artistry and creativity. For individuals who have been honing talent in a certain artistic area in their spare time, many of these occupations may not even require additional schooling. Here are a few careers that require artistic talent.


A talent for photography can lead to many different careers behind a camera. Some photographers work directly for newspapers or magazines, shooting pictures to accompany articles or stories. More frequently, photographers work as freelance artists. Many specialize in a certain type of photography-for-hire, such as portrait or wedding photographers. Others take and frame artistic photographs that they then try to sell to buyers through a gallery or online. As of 2012, photographers earn an average of $36,330 per year.


Many artistic individuals bring their talent with words to a career as a writer. Some, called journalists, specialize in writing articles and other short pieces for magazines, newspapers and online publications. As of 2012, these writers earn an average of $51,510 per year. Independent artists, who usually write novels, short stories, drama or poetry, earn an average of $102,470 in 2012. Screenwriters write screenplays for motion picture films, television and radio; as of 2012, those employed in the motion picture industry average $102,080 per year, while those working in radio and television average $62,360 per year.


Animators bring artistic creativity and innovation to motion pictures, video games and advertisements. Some, such as storyboarders and character modelers, still rely on their ability to sketch by hand or paint. Others use specialized computer programs to create animated characters and settings. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that animators working in the video game industry average $66,130 per year as of 2012. Those employed in advertising average $64,690 per year, while animators in the motion picture industry averaged $84,410 a year.

Artistic Design Careers

Careers such as fashion and set design demand artistic creativity. Fashion designers must bring constant innovations to new lines of clothing and accessories, while set designers must work creatively within strict budget constraints to replicate decor from different time periods or dazzle viewers with impressive visual displays. As of 2012, fashion designers earn an average of $72,620 per year. Those who worked in the film industry, known as costume designers, average $81,640 per year. Set designers in the film industry average $68,740 per year, while those working in the performing arts earn an average of $36,830.

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