How to Get My Liquor License to Serve in Liberty, MO

by Maureen Malone

In Liberty, Missouri, you must have both a state and city liquor license to serve alcohol in your establishment. Selling liquor allows you to increase your sales and profits and may bring in additional customers. A state license only takes five to 10 days to process. The license from the city may take longer, but you can get a temporary license good for 60 days to allow time for your application to be processed and approved.

State License Requirements

The State of Missouri retail by the drink liquor license allows you to sell liquor Monday through Saturday between the hours of 6 a.m. and 1:30 a.m. To qualify for a liquor license, you must be a taxpayer, legal voter and have good moral character. Applications will be denied if you have an alcohol sale or manufacturing related conviction or had a previous liquor license revoked.

State Application

To apply for a state liquor license, submit your application to the Department of Alcohol and Tobacco Control. The application must include a criminal record check, a Missouri retail sales tax license, and a statement of no sales tax due, voter registration card, photograph of yourself and the front of your business, a city letter of approval from the City of Liberty, the lease or deed for the property and the license fee. This information must be submitted for all of your partners as well. As of 2013, the fee for this license is $300. If you only want to sell five-percent beer, the fee for this is only $50.

City License

The city will send a letter of approval for your state application, however, you must present your state liquor license to the City of Liberty before you will be issued a city license. In addition to an application, you must also submit your driving record and undergo a criminal background check. Any felony convictions or a drug or alcohol related misdemeanor conviction within the last two years will disqualify you from obtaining a license. As of 2013, the fee for processing the application is $24. In addition, you must pay the license fee based on the type of license you need. The license for liquor by the drink is $450. However, if you only serve certain beverages, the fee may be less. For example, the fee to sell five-percent beer or light wine is only $52.50. Licenses must be renewed annually.

Sunday Sales

If you want to sell liquor on Sundays at your establishment, you must obtain a Sunday sales license when applying for your state and local license. In Missouri, with a retail by the drink license, you may serve liquor on certain Sundays without an additional license. These days include New Year's eve or day, Saint Patrick's Day, Super Bowl Sunday, the Fourth of July and the Sunday before Labor Day and Memorial Day. The state Sunday license fee is $200 and the City of Liberty Sunday sales by the drink license is $300.

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