How to Keep a Job if You're Being Forced to Quit

by Kristine Tucker

It may be tough to keep your job if your company is laying off staff, including your position. When your company is forcing you to quit, talk to your boss to see if you or he can do anything. Positions in other departments may be available. If you have to resign because of conflicts of interest or personal performance issues, you may need to start looking for employment with another company.

Get Noticed

When you're forced to quit your job but want to make a last-ditch effort to save it, get noticed. By increasing your visibility, you might be able to remind your boss and upper management how valuable you are to the company. Develop personal relationships with your supervisors, attend voluntary company meetings and offer to help with new projects, according to the career website Senior management might have to make tough decisions on whom to lay off, and your sudden visibility might make managers think twice about letting you go.

Take on More Responsibility

By taking on more responsibility, you show managers that you're a productive, assertive and goal-oriented employee. Consider assuming as many new duties as possible, even if they aren't glamorous. When you're willing to stay late to meet deadlines, aren't too proud to dig through spreadsheets, come in on weekends to make sales calls, run errands for project managers and tackle administrative tasks, your boss might decide to keep you. Focus on tasks necessary to the survival of the company so upper management will see you as a vital and indispensable component of the operation.

Enhance Your Skill Sets

Invest in improving and enhancing work-related skill sets. Take a class in technology, learn how to operate relevant software programs, research new industry regulations and renew outdated certifications. If your company is downsizing, your improved skill sets could make the difference. Your boss might be able to shift you to a new position or combine two jobs into one if you have the necessary skills to perform all the tasks.

Network Within the Company

You might be able to keep your job or at least secure your employment with the company by networking internally. Networking is an ideal way to discover other job opportunities within a company, according to the TechRepublic career website. Build relationships with co-workers in the human resource department, talk to team leaders about labor needs on their projects and keep in touch with workers in other departments. When you're being forced to quit, you don't have much to lose, so it's completely acceptable to let others know about your job skills and willingness to work in other departments.

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