What Jobs Are You Qualified for With a BS in Legal Studies?

by Joseph Petrick

A Bachelor of Science in legal studies is a versatile degree that opens up different career options for students. It is a four-year program that covers courses such as legal research and writing, jurisprudence, preparing arguments, dispute resolution, law and ethics and the relationship between law and society. Although the program has a predominantly legal focus, the knowledge, skills and expertise developed are applicable to a number of occupations.


Paralegals are not lawyers, since they are not licensed to practice law, but they offer invaluable support to them. Paralegals work in law firms to assist lawyers in preparing cases for hearings in court and also handling any other client matters such as drafting contracts. A Bachelor of Science in legal studies equips a paralegal with the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct research and prepare arguments because he has an understanding of the theories, principles and application of the law to real-life situations. The degree also qualifies paralegals to draft legal documents for the lawyer to approve and execute.

Probation Officer

A bachelor’s degree in legal studies is also useful for landing a job as a probation officer. The officers supervise adult offenders who are serving non-custodial sentences and those released from prison on a license. An aspiring officer could undertake this degree course to learn about sources and application of the law, exemptions, crime and especially sentencing. The knowledge of the workings of the criminal justice system is a core component of the certification exams to become a probation officer. Probation workers practically apply this knowledge in the course of their work in the correctional system, where they handle the rehabilitation of offenders.

Social Worker

Social workers can also benefit from a legal foundation since they are primarily concerned with enforcing the rights of vulnerable members of society. A social worker assists people who need help to cope with their problems and cooperates with them to find sustainable solutions for a better quality of life. A Bachelor of Science in legal studies familiarizes students with existing laws, regulations and policies. Lecturers often use case studies and precedents to teach students how the law applies to various real life situations. In addition, the degree covers legal philosophy and the relationship between law and society, which is the basis of social work.


A graduate with a Bachelor of Science in legal studies can work as a lobbyist. The job involves meeting and speaking with policy makers and legislators to influence their voting decisions when passing new laws. The legal studies degree exposes students to legal rights and responsibilities created by the law and the various strategies they can use to prepare cases relating to the exercise of those obligations. Graduates from this degree program can work as lobbyists because they can apply the knowledge acquired to identify and represent the interests of their clients to lawmakers.

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