Jobs for Majors in Spanish

by Christina Caldwell

There are nearly 407 million native Spanish speaking people in the world. This number is significant enough to encourage people to obtain a degree in Spanish. Career opportunities for bilingual workers, especially those fluent in Spanish, are practically limitless.

Court Interpreter

Court interpreters have a big hand in making sure that non-English speaking individuals involved in court proceedings are able to have a fair say in the case. Since legal jargon is a bit tricky for some people there are certain characteristics that a Spanish major must have in order to be considered. Impartiality, a professional demeanor suited for the courtroom, and the ability to turn messages around with any additions or omissions are all necessary qualities for candidates. Bigger states like California and New York have a high demand for court interpreters and most interpreters are hired on a per diem basis, making about $300 a day.

Tour Guide

Tour guides help to enhance the travel experience for tourists. Spain has always been a popular tourist destination. Known for popular festivals, an exciting nightlife, and many other attractions, there is a definite need for bilingual tour guides in Spain. Bilingual tour guides can help non-Spanish speaking passengers navigate exotic destinations and they can also teach visitors about historical spots. A degree isn't required in most tour guide positions, but it can be helpful in some cases. Tourism training schools are another path that some hopefuls can look into. Tour guide salaries vary greatly depending on the type of work, but most guides do receive tips from passengers which is a bonus.

Bilingual Educator

Bilingual educators help incoming students who speak different languages adapt into a new classroom setting and culture. Some states, particularly Illinois, are now requiring public school teachers to receive certification in English as a second language or bilingual instruction because of the increasing number of students who speak Spanish as a native language. For this reason bilingual educators are in high demand because many teachers are having to return to school to learn the Spanish language, leaving a void in classrooms for bilingual teachers. Instructors who are able to fluently speak two languages - especially English and Spanish - can eliminate the need for outside interpreters. A bachelor's degree is required for this position. The average salary for bilingual educators is $43,000.

International Business Consultant

International business consultants inform companies about foreign business opportunities, investments, and other external factors that could potentially affect their business. Conducting research is a major portion of this job in order to help businesses make sound decisions based on facts rather than opinion. Having a bachelors degree in business as well as having experience working with companies in different countries is helpful. Being an international business consultant does require a lot of travel, but given the $110,000 median salary for this position, it can be worth it.

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