Jobs for Highly Organized People

by Tricia Goss

As a child, you used the Dewey Decimal System to line books up on your bedroom shelf. In high school, you carried a day planner to schedule everything from homework to extracurricular activities and dates. Some jobs are especially appropriate for a meticulous, methodical person. Considering other traits and qualities you possess can help you discover your ideal career.

Organizing Businesses

If you have clerical skills and prefer to work behind the scenes, you might flourish as an executive assistant or personal assistant, filing important documents, maintaining the office schedule and helping your supervisor remember important dates and details. You could use your skills in merchandising, ensuring stores have the right products at the right time in the right place. Or you could work in warehouse management, overseeing stock, planning employee schedules and prioritizing duties.

Organizing Homes

Many homeowners hire professional organizers. Consumers need help organizing every room of their houses, for a variety of purposes. People attempting to sell their homes may need you to help stage their rooms to appeal to potential buyers. New parents might enlist you to set up nurseries so that everything is easy to find, even at 3 a.m. Those who have a family member living with disabilities or chronic illness sometimes seek assistance in making their homes more accessible.

Organizing Information

Businesses need highly organized employees to manage printed and electronic data. Careers in health care include medical records technicians, medical information specialists and medical billing and coding jobs, which require fine attention to detail and structure. Accountants and bookkeepers must be methodical while having a knack for numbers. In addition, you must be able to research and organize information for many writing jobs, from technical writing to grant writing to business plan writing.

Organizing People

If you have a heart for people, consider using your skills to bring them together, spur them to action or help them develop. Activists and politicians encourage like-minded individuals to come together and make a difference. Educators of all types provide structure to help their students learn. Project managers devise timelines and oversee the work of entire teams. Event coordinators and fundraisers run the gamut of organization, managing people, schedules and details to ensure that weddings, celebrations and campaigns turn out as desired.

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