Jobs for a Bachelor's in Arts Media and Cultural Studies

by T. Marice Huggins

Media and cultural studies examine popular culture, politics and technology to gain a deeper understanding of human conditioning. Those who earn a bachelor of arts in the field grasp the ideas of politics, globalization and media literacy. Because media and cultural studies programs usually cover a wide range of areas, a BA in the field opens the door to many different career paths.

Exercise Writing Ability

Examining literacy in popular culture and writing essays is a common exercise in media and cultural studies. An understanding of technology and mass communications is also one of the goals of those holding a bachelor of arts in the field. Pursue careers that combine the two skills, such as travel writing, broadcast journalism and copywriting. Doing so allows you to inform and influence people while exercising your writing and communication abilities.

Explore the World

Media and cultural studies focus heavily on customs, globalization, ethics and culture around the world. This major usually requires analyzing human reactions, development and tendencies in various locales. Because of the international aspect of the degree program, graduates may be well suited for jobs involving travel and interaction with foreigners. Some jobs encompassing the travel and international aspect include linguist, translator, interpreter, cultural tour guide and foreign service officer. Each job entails aiding people from abroad or interpreting foreign policies.

Channel Physiological Knowledge

The emphasis on human development, decision making and behavior makes holders of a bachelor's in arts media and cultural studies perfect candidates for careers that analyze and influence how humans conduct themselves. This usually includes marketing, psychology and sales. These jobs allow media and cultural studies students to analyze preferences of customers and understand their thought process when making purchases by channeling their knowledge of theory and human conditioning.

Demonstrate Promotion Know-how

Public relations and advertising promotion manager jobs tie in lessons of media, communications and ethics -- areas covered in media and cultural studies programs. A public relations role allows you to exercise communication skills while writing press releases, speaking at engagements and organizing publicity events. An advertising promotion manager promotes ideas or products by directing advertising policies or producing promotional products, such as posters and coupons.

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