Best Jobs for Army Officers When Transferring to Civilian Life

by Erika Winston

Securing employment after separation from the military can be a challenge for Army officers. Knowing how your military skills translate to civilian work responsibilities can help facilitate an easier translation. Your education and military experience make you an attractive candidate for various employment opportunities, but the assistance of an employment agency can be useful in your search.

The Medical Field

Army officers with medical experience are well suited for civilian medical careers. Army physicians attend the same medical schools and receive the equivalent amount of education as their civilian counterparts. Upon entering the private sector, Army doctors can explore employment with hospitals, private practices or universities. Civilian Corp USA is a medical organization where civilian doctors can find employment providing care to military personnel. Army nurses are well educated, with extensive experience. Let your military service reflect your professional capabilities. For example, providing care in combat situations exemplifies an ability to work under extreme pressure, making you a good candidate for emergency room employment. Accentuate these unique experiences to potential employers.

Government Contractors

Federal contractor positions are excellent employment options for Army officers. The Department of Defense contracts with numerous private agencies to provide security related services for the United States. The employees they hire must pass extensive background checks and have security clearance. Many officers leave the Army with a security clearance, which makes you more attractive to potential contractors. You also have an advantage in your knowledge of military procedures and protocols. Employers do not have to teach you these details, saving them time and money. In addition, the Department of Labor's federal contractor program mandates that companies with contracts in excess of $25,000 recruit and hire veterans. Therefore, these businesses have a financial incentive to employ you.

Using Management Skills

Army officers are experienced in supervision and direction of others. Brian Henry is a former Marine Corps major who now assists veterans to transition to civilian careers. On the website, he states that placing officers into managing careers is becoming easier as employers recognize the value in hiring military officers. Companies are looking for workers who have leadership abilities, team-building skills and a tolerance for high stress situations. Army officers fit this description, making them ideal candidates for management positions. According to the military placement company, Lucas Group, junior officers are best fitted for manufacturing and operations jobs. Senior officers are well-suited for positions in business development and consultation.

Ask For Help

In making your transition from the Army to civilian employment, it is helpful to solicit the assistance of an employment agency. There are many agencies that operate with the sole purpose of finding adequate employment for military officers. They are useful in identifying employers who are looking to hire military veterans. Another benefit to these agencies is their ability to take your military experience and convert it to skills that are relevant to civilian jobs. When searching for work, it is important to communicate your skills and experiences in a manner that benefits potential civilian employers. The website provides a conversion calculator that takes the details of your military service and converts them to civilian employment skills.

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