How to Get a Job Selling Medical Supplies

by Amanda Maddox
Medical supply companies sale all materials used in hosptials and other medical facilities.

Medical supply companies sale all materials used in hosptials and other medical facilities.

If you are outgoing and communicate well with others, a career in medical supply sales may be very rewarding. With medical facilities, like hospitals, clinics and physician's offices, located in nearly every city around the globe, the sales opportunities are endless. Following a few tips helps you stand out among others when applying for a medical sales job.

Gain Sales Experience

A history in sales helps when seeking a job selling medical supplies. Having experience in other areas, such as insurance, real estate or even retail sales, gives you an advantage, since some companies require two or three years of sales experience. Work on strengthening your skills by taking online classes, attending sales seminars or studying via online webinars.

Obtain an Education

If you have a degree, the chances of getting medical sales job increase. While all medical supply sales companies do not require a degree, an associate or bachelor’s degree in a science-related field, like biology or nursing, provides proof of your medical knowledge base. Additional courses in medical terminology or anatomy may also increase your chances of getting hired in medical sales.

Create a Sales-Focused Resume

Create a strong resume that focuses on your sales experience. List specific information related to your sales experience, including quotas met and rewards you received in sales. Include any sales training and education you have that increases your chances of getting hired. Add your educational experience that is related to the medical field. Also, supply information about any internships that you completed.

Search for Open Positions

Be diligent when searching for a job in medical supply sales. Visit local companies and leave a copy of your resume. This is beneficial even if the company is not currently hiring, since they often keep resumes on file for future openings. Search online for companies that offer medical supplies in your area and visit their employment or careers page and apply for open positions.

Study the Products

Medical supply companies may offer a variety of products or specialize in just one or two. Research the company you are seeking employment with and determine what products it sells. Learn about the products before your interview so you can answer any questions the potential employer has. Also, ask questions during your interview that show you are interested in the products the company offers.

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