How to Get a Job As a Management Analyst

by Rick Suttle

Companies wouldn't be able to maximize revenue, streamline operations or choose the right corporate structures without management analysts, who are often called management consultants. Some management analysts work for companies while others are self-employed freelancers with client customers. In either case, you must take steps toward getting a formal education to work in this field, and possess analytical, problem-solving, communication and time-management skills to be successful.

Select a college or university that offers a bachelor's degree program in business, management or a related field. Take a variety of business courses so you have a well-rounded knowledge of how companies and government agencies function: Marketing, management, finance, accounting, statistics, business law and organizational behavior. Enroll in some math classes such as calculus and algebra, as management analysts use mathematical models for solving business problems.

Participate in a management analyst internship or co-op program through your university to gain practical experience. Work at a consulting firm as part of your internship, which allows you to work for a variety of clients and learn about different management analyst specialties. Take a part-time position in market research, human resources, inventory management, finance or building administration if you are making a transition from another career. Apply for positions in the specific industry you want to work.

Obtain a master's degree in business administration to increase your number of employment opportunities. Some employers prefer hiring management analysts with MBAs. Obtain a bachelor's or master's degree in computer science or engineering if you plan to offer computer or technical consulting services to companies. Become a Certified Public Accountant degree to focus on the raw materials or the labor cost efficiency facet of management analysis.

Decide which area of management analysis you want to specialize in such as inventory or asset management, plant efficiency or corporate reorganization, for example.

Search your local newspaper and online job sites for management analyst jobs such as Monster, Careerbuilder, Simply Hired and Indeed. Scan the classifieds in trade publications such as "Consulting Magazine," "McKinsey Quarterly" and "C2M, Consulting to Management." Contact employment agencies and search firms in your area that specialize in business-related occupations. Join professional organizations such as the American Management Association, Association of Management Consulting Firms and Association of Professional Consultants. Attend luncheons and seminars through these organizations. Get to know people at these meetings, especially those who work in the management analyst and consulting fields.

Tailor your resume for management analyst positions. List specific duties for several internship or management consulting projects and the results you achieved. Say, for example: "Management analyst candidate with one-year of intern experience. Helped small retailer convert from flat to product-based organizational structure. Saved toy manufacturer 20 percent on labor costs." Send your cover letter and resume to companies with management analyst job openings. Take resumes to professional association meetings and distribute them to people you meet.

Prepare for all interviews by researching the companies and preparing lists of questions. Discuss college projects or courses you took and relate them to skills needed for management analyst jobs: analytical, decision-making, organizational, interpersonal and time-management skills.

Items you will need
  • Bachelor's degree


  • Get three years experience as a management analyst as this is the requirement to get certified in management analysis or consulting. Certification can increase your number of job opportunities. Obtain certification through the Institute of Management Consultants USA, which requires passing a written and oral test, according to "U.S News and World Report." Any internships or management experience may collectively qualify as management analyst experience. If you have a degree in another field and related experience, this may also qualify you.

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