Job Ideas for Writers

by Rose Johnson

Working as a successful writer greatly depends on your ability to effectively and persuasively convey your thoughts and ideas to others through the use of words. Writers often find their careers challenging because of tight deadlines and multiple revision requests from editors. Although the challenges can result in frustrating situations at times, many writers enjoy knowing that audiences around the world appreciate their work.


A career in journalism allows you write for newspapers, magazines and other media outlets to inform the public about newsworthy events that occur. Reporters and news correspondents typically conduct interviews to gather information and develop relationships with contacts and experts to present information to the public. Before an article runs, a journalist usually submits the work to an editor for approval. In some cases, the editor requires the writer to make changes before publication. Journalists spend a great deal of time traveling and frequently work under strict deadlines. Common degrees needed to become a journalist include a bachelor’s in journalism, English or communications.

Technical Writing

Companies hire technical writers to produce instruction manuals, frequently asked questions pages and other documents that explain technical information. To produce these documents, technical writers work with other professionals, such as software developers and engineers. They also spend time understanding the needs of end users to help make information understandable. While many technical writers work for companies, some choose to work as freelancers who get paid per assignment. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employers tend to hire technical writers with at a bachelor’s degree in English, communications or journalism.

Public Relations

Writers in the public relations field work with clients and organizations to write press releases and speeches and prepare promotional programs. A public relations specialist spends time assessing a client’s audience and determines the best medium to deliver the information. Public relations specialists can work in a variety of fields, such as politics, health care, education, entertainment and for religious organizations. If you’re interested in a public relations career, specialists typically possess a bachelor’s degree in public relations, communications or journalism.

Creative Writing

Another job idea for prospective writers is creative writing. Several specialties exist within the field, such as copywriting, song writing, play writing and fiction writing. Although the specific duties of a creative writer vary for each specialty, you can expect to spend time researching your subject to establish credibility with your readers. Some creative writers, such as novelists, spend much time working with editors responsible for revising and rewriting their work, verifying sources and reviewing drafts for grammatical and spelling errors.

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