Job Ideas for Drawing & Painting Majors

by Nancy Lovering
Choose from a variety of possible careers as a drawing and painting major.

Choose from a variety of possible careers as a drawing and painting major.

Art is everywhere. The expression "a picture is worth a thousand words" aptly summarizes the value that imagery has in communication. The list of uses for the visual representation of ideas is extensive, including books, magazines, billboards, t-shirts, CD covers, advertisements, wall decor and websites. As a drawing and painting major, you have an abundance of possible careers in your future.


According to Scholastic illustrator Nate Williams, having a consistent, recognizable style is a key element to success as a professional illustrator. As a drawing and painting major, you are developing your own artistic voice, which can translate to your signature illustration style. Illustrators create visuals that communicate information, such as pictorial representations of the plot of a children's book. Other examples include cartoons, non-fiction textbook imagery and greeting cards. Once you have acquired the necessary technical skills such as fluency with applicable software in order to execute your vision, market yourself to establish your career. Williams recommends a good website with your own domain name to add legitimacy to your quest to attract the attention of illustrator-seeking art directors.

Graphic Artist

As a graphic artist, you employ your creativity across a variety of media such as electronic and print to design. Like an illustrator, you use imagery to communicate, but your role is to assemble and organize multiple design elements, such as illustrations, photographs and text fonts, together to create ads, magazine spreads, websites, posters and computer games. After meeting with your client to discuss the project requirements, you create a design concept. You then commission photographers or illustrators as required, or use imagery from stock databases, and work with copywriters, stylists and web developers to create a final product that meets the objectives of your client.

Art Teacher

Teaching art is an option for a drawing and painting major. Once you have completed your bachelor's degree, continue with obtaining the necessary credentials for teaching. Learn to create art in as many different media as you can beyond drawing and painting, in order to provide your students with a well-rounded educational experience.

Art Director

An art director is a person who manages the creative team of designers and artists working together on a project. Art directors are needed in a variety of industries, including film, advertising, web design, marketing, television, video games and publishing. Among your roles is the responsibility of ensuring that the project's communication objective is successfully conveyed in the final product.

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