Job Description & Math Skills for an Admissions Representative

by Neil Kokemuller

Admissions representatives are essentially front line workers in the admissions office of a university. They typically have two prominent functions: advising prospective students on the admissions process; and serving students as they go through it by answering questions and offering general information about the college.

Initial Contact

The admissions rep is normally the first contact for prospective students. In some cases, students contact the college to get information on admissions or to request an application. Often, college admissions reps send out letters and make calls to prospective students from contact lists. During the initial interaction, the rep helps guide the student on completing steps to apply and invites the student for a campus visit.


Coordinating student visits to campus is another major role of the admissions representative. This process typically begins with a phone conversation or e-mail and the setting of an appointment time. Before visits, the rep coordinates an initial meeting with admissions and financial aid, prepares college materials and sets up a campus tour with a student ambassador. During the visit, the rep answers any questions and ensures the student and his family have a good experience touring the campus.

Marketing and Community Relations

The admissions department also engages in proactive marketing and community relationships activities. Reps often take turns or territories visiting high schools and attending college fairs. During these events, reps share information and materials with prospective students, and collect data for follow-up calls or mailers. In some cases, this role requires the rep to travel overnight and on weekends for events.

Job Requirements

A bachelor's degree combined with one year of experience in admissions or another college support office are standard requirements. Math skills are not typically included among required qualities, though admissions reps may perform basic calculations in answering student questions about tuition, fees and financial aid. Excellent written and verbal communication skills, professionalism, customer service skills and a willingness to travel are more commonly noted traits that admissions directors seek in hiring representatives.

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