Interventional Radiology Nurse Manager Job Description

by Jennifer Betts
Interventional radiology nurse managers are the liaisons between nurses, patients and radiologists.

Interventional radiology nurse managers are the liaisons between nurses, patients and radiologists.

Interventional radiology nurse managers supervise nurses and oversee patients within a radiology department. They are responsible for recruiting nurses, performing evaluations, prepping patents and administering medications. Entrance into this field requires an advanced nursing education and licensure. However, voluntary certifications are also available to bolster your resume.

Necessary Background

The path to becoming an interventional radiology nurse manager takes the completion of an undergraduate degree in nursing, as well as licensure as a registered nurse. In addition to completing an accredited nursing program, licensure candidates must take and pass the NCLEX-RN exam. Other requirements for licensure may vary by state. To work as a nurse manager, you’ll also need to earn a master’s degree in nursing management or advanced nursing practice. Voluntary certification as a certified radiology nurse or nurse manager, as well as certification through the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, could also bolster your chances to work in this field. Nurse managers should also have several years of experience working in a radiology department gaining supervisory experience.

Acquired Skills

Interventional radiology nurse managers need a thorough understanding of nursing methods and principles, as well as interventional radiology procedures like angiography and stent placement. Nurse managers must have an extensive understanding of management and administration principles and theories to direct and coordinate staff. They must comprehend business theories like strategic planning, resource allocation, leadership techniques and production methods, as well as have advanced customer service skills. Radiology interventional nurse managers need to have knowledge of personnel recruitment, labor relations and negotiation.

Broad Job Responsibilities

As an interventional radiology nurse manager, you provide patient care and nurse supervision in interventional radiology departments, including collaborating with radiologists about patients, attending patient consultations and assisting patients and families with understanding care. You will likely supervise supply inventories to ensure that supplies are up-to-date and meet the department's financing requirements. You will also oversee the paperwork of radiology nurses, like reviewing complaints and disciplinary actions. In addition, you make daily rounds and perform patient assessments.

Day-to-Day Tasks

As an interventional radiology nurse manager within a hospital or radiology department, you will schedule employees, recruit and select new nurses, coordinate performance evaluations and revise policies in coordination with radiologists to enhance care. You’re also responsible for organizing and prioritizing nursing care assignments, administering medications, preparing pre-procedure and discharge instructions and observing patients for signs of complications. Additional job duties may include helping interventional radiology nurses with care, training new recruits, performing follow-up visits, administering conscious sedation drugs, taking vital signs and assessing patients during procedures with the help of radiologists. You may also work with radiologists in the selection of equipment for the department.

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