Innovative Recruitment Ideas

by Joseph Petrick

Engineers, skilled trade workers and IT experts, according to Manpower Group’s Global Talent Shortage Survey for 2012, were some of the hardest people to recruit. Employers in these industries admit that there fewer people apply for these jobs than in other sectors. If you need employees in these, or any, fields, make use of innovative recruitment strategies to help you find the right job candidate for a position in your business.

Recruitment Hotline

Establish a phone number for your company through which potential employees can contact you. Such a creative recruitment tactic allows job candidates to inquire about job openings, anonymously, while still working at another company. Set up an answering machine and a dedicated phone line that contains messages about new employment opportunities. Also encourage potential candidates to inquire about job openings in your business on weekends or when they are off work. By doing so, they are most likely to consider the job opportunity.

Ask Other Businesses

Ask the heads of other enterprises that are closing down or downsizing their staff about their laid-off employees. Get in touch with the human resources departments of these establishments to connect you with these workers. Also, establish a partnership with an outplacement firm, which assists employees who have lost their jobs to find new opportunities. Such firms often are aware of job seekers who might have the skills for your job opening.

Referral Programs

Referral programs are a creative way to recruit people using your present employees. Your staff members could have friends or former colleagues qualified to work for you; encourage them to mention such prospective job candidates. Your referral promotion should include an incentive or reward for an employee who recommends a suitable job candidate. Examples of incentives could include a monetary reward or a paid vacation when the recommended candidate joins your business. Ask your staff members about their preferred reward when setting up the referral program.

Career Fairs

Career fairs allow you to recruit talented people for certain positions in your business. Conduct on-the-spot interviews for those in attendance, which is both convenient and cost effective. Career fairs could be physical or virtual, with the latter entailing recruitment through social networks. In that case, combine your social network with live streaming to enable people from different locations to participate. They can use the platform to forward any questions they might have about your business and any job openings that exist.

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