Indoor Tanning Lotions That Have a DHA-Free Bronzer

by Donna T. Beerman

DHA, or dihydrooxyacetone, is a self-tanning agent found in bronzers. DHA is extracted from sugarcane and chemically darkens the protein of the skin, without dehydrating it. It is safe, FDA approved and recommended by the American Cancer Society as an alternative to sun tanning. Alternatives to DHA are lotions and bronzers containing other chemicals such as Tyrosine or Canthaxanthin, though neither is approved by the FDA for sunless tanning.

Australian Gold DHA-free Bronzers

Australian Gold is one of the most popular brands of indoor tanning products. This manufacturer boasts a large product line, including DHA-free bronzers First Blush and Crystal Faces. Consumers cannot purchase directly from Australian Gold, but rather at on- and offline retail outlets.

Fiji Blend's Nano Fresh

Fiji Blend manufactures a variety of indoor tanning lotions and bronzers, including the DHA-free bronzer Nano Fresh. This solution contains 10 different bronzing agents which work to darken the skin. Fiji Blend is available at online retails and at tanning salon locations.

Designer Skin DHA-free Bronzers

Designer Skin Professional Tanning products offers five DHA-free bronzers including Freedom, whose tagline is "Life, liberty and the pursuit of a perfect tan." The manufacturer's website touts this as a streak and stain-free dark tanning accelerator without DHA. Other DHA titles include Bloom, Paradiso, Get Down Brown and Shine.

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