Ideas for Valentine's Cards for Teens

by Kim Blakesley

Explore the art of handmade Valentine's cards with your teen. Fun and easy crafts that speak from the heart are sure to be a hit with your teen's special someone, close friend or family member. From wax resist to handmade paper, each Valentine card will show your teen's personal flair.

Wax Resist Valentine's Card

Make a multicolored wax resist Valentine's card with heavy card stock. Draw a design on the front of the card with crayons, such as hearts, candy and flowers. Add words if you desire, but make sure each area is thoroughly covered with crayons. Paint the surface of the card with watercolor or thinned tempera paint. The paint will stick to the paper but not the design. Make the card look tie-dyed by dripping several colors of paint on the card's surface. Use the same process on the inside and back if your teen desires.

Handmade Paper Valentine

Recycle pieces of colored paper into a handmade paper Valentine. Tear the paper into 1-inch squares. Place the squares in a blender until it is half full. Add three cups of water and blend on liquefy. Pour the liquid through a metal strainer. Remove the pulverized paper and press it onto a piece of white felt in the shape of a heart. Press the pulverized paper until it is 1/8-inch thick. Repeat the process until you have enough pulverized paper to complete the heart. Allow the handmade paper to dry, then carefully peel it from the felt. Write your teen's Valentine's greeting on the surface. Glue a bow on the top left hump of the heart.

Scroll Valentine's Card

Show your affection with a special scroll Valentine card. Make a certificate on an 8-by-11 1/2-inch piece of paper. Have your teen add words such as "You're Special to Me," "I Love You" or "To My Special Someone." An alternative to making a certificate is to buy pre-made certificates at local hobby and craft stores or print one online. Roll the certificate into a scroll. Wrap a piece of origami paper around the center. Secure the origami paper with a 12-inch long piece of ribbon. Cut out a 3-inch heart from red or pink construction paper. Write your teen's special someone's name on the heart, then attach it to the piece of ribbon.

Flip Valentine

A simple yet cute Valentine uses a 2-by-3-inch white rectangle, a 2 1/2-by-3 1/2-inch red rectangle and a quarter. Glue the white rectangle in the center of the red rectangle. Glue a quarter in the upper right hand corner of the white rectangle. Write "I Have an Idea" on the left hand side of the quarter. Draw a line under the words and put an arrow head on the end to point toward the quarter. Write "Let's flip for it -- heads you're my Valentine, tails I'm yours" under the arrow.


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