Ideas for a Career As a Producer & Promoter

by Jane Quanbeck

Careers in production and promotion require long hours, working with people, networking and a lot of traveling. The working environment changes on a daily basis and is unpredictable. An entry-level position in production or promotion gives you an opportunity to grow and advance to positions that are more lucrative. As a producer or promoter, you help create awareness about certain products or services.

Film and Television

Producers in film and television identify scripts, source funding for production and hire a crew and cast to make movies or television programs. Promoters create a buzz about the script from the moment a production house selects it for production until after its release. A film producer and promoter oversees production and marketing to ensure the film or television program gets an audience and makes a profit. You will liaise with your director, actors, a publicity team and the media to organize red carpet events, release dates and media interviews for the film or television program.


Music producers work with artists and studio engineers to produce beats and record music. In some cases, they assist in writing or collaborate with the artist on the song. Big studios separate the producer from the promoter. However, in smaller studios the producer also works as a promoter. He or she will arrange release parties for the artist, set up radio and television interviews, consult lawyers on behalf of the artist and follow up on music sales and royalties. The working hours for producers and promoters in music are long and can sometimes extend through the night.


Job opportunities for product demonstrators and promoters will increase by up to 18 percent by 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Product demonstration and promotion requires that you have people skills and a comprehensive understanding of the product. Post high school education is not compulsory. However, it helps in getting a promotion from to a more lucrative position. Some of the challenges in product demonstration and promotion include travelling most of the year, temporary employment terms and a low wage that may at times be on commission.

Other Ideas

You can work as a producer or promoter in stage productions in theaters or schools. This will include overseeing production and tickets sales for the running period of the stage performance. Careers as producers and promoters also give you an opportunity to advance into more lucrative positions. For example, you can start as a producer or promoter and advance to own a firm that offers both services. In music, it is possible to advance to becoming an artist. In film you can work as a director, publicist, marketing executive or in public relations. Enrolling in a degree program and extensive connections within your industry increases the chances for promotion.

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