How to Wear Posing Trunks

by Chelsea Hoffman

Worn by bodybuilders and male figure models, posing trunks offer very little coverage so they can show off the wearer's body. They're high cut in the leg area, and posers ordinarily wear them very tightly for a sleek look. Knowing how to wear posing trunks enables you to strut your stuff like a pro bodybuilder, whether you're enrolling in a competition or you simply want to look like you are.

Items you will need

  • Posing trunks
  • Pageant glue
Step 1

Turn the trunks around so that the front of them is facing outward. The front of a pair of posing trunks is often small and "v" shaped--and the backside is slightly fuller.

Step 2

Slide your feet through the leg holes of the trunks through the top of them. Make sure you're not putting them on backwards, as this could lead to an uncomfortable situation.

Step 3

Pull them snugly into place over your hips and glutes.

Step 4

Smear a thin layer of pageant glue stick around your inner thigh, groin area and glutes.

Step 5

Adjust the posing trunks evenly, just at your waistline. Snap the leg bands evenly at each side to conform to your groin and upper gluts. The pageant, or "butt" glue, will keep the bands into place.


  • Choose posing trunks of a solid color that accentuate your complexion and body type. Dark colors are slimming, while light colors provide the opposite effect.

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