How to Throw a Smoothie Party

by Charisse Quin Ross

Items you will need

  • 2 to 3 blenders
  • fruit
  • health food products
  • invitations
  • fruit and vegetable trays
  • Cheese and cracker tray (optional)
  • copies of smoothie recipe
  • game cards
  • health facts
  • music
  • cups, plates, napkins, and utensils
  • Table and Chairs
  • Party gifts (optional)
  • Guest Sign In Book
  • Large Kitchen

Summer time is here and a great way to cool off and have fun is to throw a Smoothie party. It is also an excellent way to sell and present health food products or a weight loss program. Another alternative is to simply entertain and come up with various types of alcoholic or non alcoholic smoothie drinks to try out with your friends, family, and neighbors.

Step 1

Plan your party in plenty of time for your guest to RSVP so that you'll know how much food, beverage, chairs, plates napkins and utensils to have available. You can send out invitations via e-mail or snail mail. You may choose to purchase invitations or make your own invitations using Microsoft Publisher. Make sure the invitations are colorful and bright. Be sure to have the date, location, and time in big bold letters. Include a map to the location. Have a phone number and deadline date for guest to contact you to RSVP. Use inviting language and words such as "Come join us to have a great time making and tasting delicious Smoothies" . Let guest know whether or not these smoothies will be alcoholic, non alcoholic or healthy. If you have enough room, you can set up the party to take place in your back yard or you can opt to keep the party indoors.

Step 2

Prior to the party make up a trivia game related to health foods, or alcoholic beverages. The Game is called the "two, four, six" game. Game cards are color coded and have words related to health, fitness, food or alcohol. The words on the green cards are worth two points, the words on the white cards are worth four points, and the words on the blue cards are worth six points. The host of the party will state certain facts related to the word on the card, and party guests will see if they can guess what the word is. If they guess the word correctly then they receive the points associated with the color of the card. For example the host states "Doing **** an extra twenty minutes per day will burn off 7 pounds per year? and You can only do it with you your legs" A guest will answer "walking". That guest receives 4 points. The host hands the card with the word "walking" over to the guest.

Step 3

When guest arrive have them sign the guest book which should be placed on a pedestal or table near the entrance. Welcome them and thank them for coming. Play nice jazz music or festive party music to liven up the atmosphere. Colorful vegetable and fruit trays along with cheese and cracker trays should be set up on a table with a colorful table cloth where guest can help themselves. Let them know that they can feel free to help themselves.

Step 4

Make sure you communicate with all your guest as they arrive, asking them if they were able to easily find the location, let them know where to put their sweaters or coats (if they have any). After a reasonable amount of time, feel free to have all guest sit down and introduce themselves to each other or you may do all the introducing. After the introductions play the health trivia game or trivia about alcoholic beverages. After the game the guest add up their points to see who made the most points. The person with the most points receives a party gift.

Step 5

Host provides a presentation about smoothie products and uses the health products along with fruit juices and ice, to make up different types of smoothies in the blender. If products are being sold, the products are presented and guest have a chance to turn their game points into dollars. The number of dollars they receive will be taken off the cost of the product they purchase. For example Protein breakfast bars may cost $20.00 per box, a guess who won 10 points can take $10.00 off the product and purchase the protein bars for $10.00 instead of $20.00. If there are no products being sold, host can purchase a Smoothie Drink recipe book and try out different smoothie recipes for the guest to try. Put on some music and dance and drink smoothies until guest are ready to go home.


  • Don't present a product presentation for any longer than fifteen to twenty minutes. You want guest to have fun and relax and not feel pressured to buy anything. Give each guest a small party favor for taking the time to come to the party or give them copies of one of the smoothie drink recipes to try at home.


  • Make sure that your guest let you know if they are allergic to certain food products so that you can be sure to avoid allergic reaction incidents. Don't make all the trivia facts too difficult, but mix in some easy facts along with a few interesting facts so that everyone will get an opportunity to receive points but will also be surprised and happy to learn something they didn't know.

About the Author

Charisse Ross is a certified Human Resource professional with more than 17 years in human resources consulting and career counseling experience. She has a Bachelor of Arts in human resources and a Masters in public administration. She is also a certified grant writer.