How to Remove Watch Band Links From an Elgin Watch

by Athena Hessong

If you have gotten an Elgin watch, you have received a piece of history. Elgin has produced the highest quality in watches and timepieces for decades. The size of the bands on some Elgin wrist watches can be adjusted only by removing links. If your watch is too large around your wrist, follow these steps to remove links until the band fits comfortably.

Items you will need

  • Small hammer
  • Paper clip or straight pin
Step 1

Locate the tiny pins on either side of the watch, holding the links together. From the side of the watch band, you can see a pin between each of the joints for the links. Check the pins from both sides. Each pin has a slight indentation on one side.

Step 2

Turn the watch band so the indentations in the pins are facing up.

Step 3

Unfold the paper clip and insert the tip into the indentation in the pin on one of the links. If you are using a straight pin, simply put the tip into the indentation.

Step 4

Carefully tap the paper clip or straight pin with a small hammer. The pin holding the link will be tapped out as well. Position the link you want to remove over the edge of a table so that when you tap out the pin, it will fall into your lap.

Step 5

When you have removed enough links to make the watch band fit, replace the pin in the joint between the two links on the new free ends of the watch band. Tap in the pin.


  • Be careful to not lose the link pins after you tap them out. Use gentle pressure when tapping the pin with the hammer.