How to Fix the Bottom of the High Heels When They Wear Out

by Tina Cisneros

Your favorite pair of high heels fits like a glove and goes with every outfit; they are irreplaceable. You've worn them so much that the heels are wearing down, making them uncomfortable and possibly even risky to walk in. Still, you can’t imagine parting with them. Instead of tossing them or pushing them to the back of the closet, give them new life by replacing the heel tip. This will keep them comfortable, safe and looking like new.

Items you will need

  • Pliers
  • Sandpaper
  • Set of Heel Tips
  • Sandpaper
  • Superglue
  • Leather repair kit
  • Hammer
Step 1

Flip your shoe over and find the heel tip. You will see the slight indent separating the heel tip from the heel. Measure the height of the heel tip.

Step 2

Buy a new pair of heel tips. Heel tips are readily available and not very expensive. Go to your local shoe repair shop or buy some online, but ensure that you get the correct size. The heel tips need to be exactly the same so the high heels remain comfortable.

Step 3

Yank the old, worn heel tips out with a pair of pliers. You might need some elbow grease here, heel tips might even be glued. Just work on it, pulling and lightly twisting until the heel tips pop off.

Step 4

Examine the heel of the shoe after the tips have been removed. If the heel is slightly uneven, there might be remnants of glue. Use a piece of sandpaper to lightly sand the heel until it is flat and even. The heel tips should sit flush against the heel. If the leather of the heel is damaged, smooth it down using superglue or a leather repair kit.

Step 5

Line up the new heel tips with the heel of the shoe. The heel tips have a small nail or pin attached to it; align the nail with the hole that is left from the old heel tip.

Step 6

Tap the nail into the hole using a small hammer. Ensure that the heel tip is secure and tight. Repeat the entire process on the other shoe.


  • If the heel tips are difficult to pull out, ask someone stronger than yourself to help.

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