How to Become a Beauty Pageant Emcee

by Fashion, Style & Personal Care Editor

How to Become a Beauty Pageant Emcee. The level of skill required to become a beauty pageant emcee increases depending on the level of pageant taking place. For local pageants in a town or county, you need good public-speaking skills, a clean, professional demeanor and the ability to interview contestants as well as improvise. State, regional and national competitions place greater demands on the emcee candidate.

Step 1

Brush up on your public-speaking skills by learning how to deliver words and phrases with a tone that commands attention. Practice by speaking into a microphone whenever you get the chance. Take a public speaking class, if possible. Find a circuit for yourself to regularly get up in front of people that you can add to your resume.

Step 2

Learn to work well under pressure. From your first emcee job to the highest levels of pageant contests, there's enormous pressure on the day of the show. Your timing must be on, your wording must be right and you must know how to cover for any mistakes, large or small, that might happen during the show.

Step 3

Make your appearance professional and clean, but also young and accessible. Since the pageant contestants are usually young, you want to appear older but fashionable and in touch with their generation.

Step 4

Start sending your resume to pageants. The more you've made a name for yourself in each circuit, the better chance you have of getting the job. For example, unless you're a nationally recognizable face, you have no chance of getting the emcee job for the Miss America contest. However, if you're well known in your county, you have a great shot at getting hired for a local pageant.


  • Use any jobs emceeing as networking opportunities for creating more work for yourself and on a continually higher level. Find other passions to pursue that are in the public eye and watch as your name gets out there.