The Hourly, Monthly and Yearly Salary of a Pediatric Surgeon

by Beth Greenwood
Pediatric surgeons' salaries vary depending on where and how long they've worked.

Pediatric surgeons' salaries vary depending on where and how long they've worked.

Pediatricians specialize in the care of children and adolescents, and many pediatricians also choose subspecialties. Pediatric surgery is a highly specialized profession, with only 808 pediatric surgeons in the United States in 2008, according to the American College of Surgeons Health Policy Research Institute. These surgeons’ salaries vary according to work hours, experience, further specialization and whether they work at hospitals.

Work Hours

Pediatricians who work full time don't necessarily work a standard 40-hour week, according to a December 2009 article in “Pediatrics,” which reported full-time pediatricians in subspecialties such as pediatric surgery worked an average of 33.7 hours a week. At least one in five of all active subspecialist pediatricians worked part time, according to the article, with an average work week of 21 hours. Some pediatric surgeons may also work much longer hours, however, especially if they take emergency calls.

Annual Salaries

Salary data for pediatric surgeons varies according to the source. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which doesn't differentiate between pediatricians and subspecialties such as pediatric surgery, reports the average annual salary for pediatricians in 2012 was $167,640. Profiles Database reports a starting salary for pediatric surgeons of $295,000, with an average of $401,000 after six years of practice. Cejka Search reports pediatric surgeons earned $462,801 in 2012. General pediatric surgeons employed by hospitals earned $505,281 in 2010, according to "Becker’s Hospital Review."

Hourly Wages

Assuming a 40-hour work week, a pediatric surgeon’s hourly wages would be $141.82, according to the Profiles Database figure for an entry-level physician, and rise to $192.79 after six years’ practice. Based on the Cejka Search figure, the average hourly salary of a pediatric surgeon would be $222.50. Pediatric surgeons employed by hospitals would have the highest hourly salary, according to "Becker’s Hospital Review," with an average hourly wage of $242.92. But physicians could earn more or less per hour if their work hours varied from the 40-hour norm.

Monthly Wages

Based on the Profiles Database salary data for pediatric surgeons, the monthly salary would be $24,583 for physicians just starting their careers and $33,416 for those with six years of experience. The Cejka Search figure indicates the average monthly salary of a pediatric surgeon as $38,566. Pediatric surgeons employed by hospitals would still have the highest earnings, according to the "Becker’s Hospital Review" data, with an average monthly salary of $42,106.

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