Does Homework Have a Greater Negative or Positive Effect on Students?

by Lucy Hart

The majority of students are assigned homework each night of the school week, but the question of its effectiveness remains debatable. Homework is often overwhelming for all who are involved. Feeling the burden of too much homework, it is not uncommon for students to copy their peers’ homework, submit it incomplete or not attempt the assignment at all. Currently, the relationship between homework and academic achievement is not defined, but a plethora of non-academic benefits for all student populations demonstrate an overall positive effect.


Although many teachers and parents often wonder if assigning homework is worth the amount of frustration it inflicts on students, it is important for students to learn how to handle increasing responsibility with age. As students grow, they will be assigned more homework that is age appropriate. Having additional homework improves student responsibility and accountability, resulting in life skills that will help students in all aspects of work and school.

Time Management

If students have not developed time management skills, they may struggle in school and with other non-academic responsibilities. Having homework requires students to manage their time outside of school. They must learn how long it will take them to complete their assignments in addition to other tasks. As students develop, they will continue to improve their time management because more work is expected of them.

Study Skills

Teachers often assign homework to improve study skills. Homework assignments may not directly impact student achievement, but they teach students how to study independently. Certain assignments may direct students to their textbook or to online resources, helping them to research and synthesize information. Developing study skills is essential to being an active learner.

On Task

In today’s society, students are exposed to social media, cell phones and television, promoting the importance of multitasking. While this can be helpful, many students can be easily distracted while in certain settings. Completing homework can help students focus on specific tasks independently. If they continue to develop this skill at home, it will positively affect their performance in a school setting.


Student motivation is one of the most important aspects of student learning. Certain students may need assistance increasing their motivation for learning. A variety of methods can help increase motivation, and homework is an effective method. When students complete and submit homework, their motivation and work habits improve, which may affect their overall performance.

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