Home-Based Jobs For Seniors and Older Citizens

by Brian Hill

Sitting at home quietly crocheting is not what many seniors had in mind when they retired. Just because you are at home doesn't mean you can't find a job that fits with your lifestyle and physical ability and earns you money. Take stock of your experience, hobbies and knowledge to find the ideal home-based job. Any income you earn must be included on your tax returns. Also look at any reductions in your social security payments that might occur because of extra income.

Language Translator

If you speak, read and write a second language fluently, a job as a translator won't take you away from home. Work directly for a company to translate its product instructions and manuals, corporate policies, communications and documents. Find a service that matches you up with businesses that require translation. Many web-based content providers are translating web content into several languages.

Customer Service Representative

Answer customer questions about their products and pricing. You'll need high-speed Internet access, a computer, a landline and a headset. Work for a telemarketing firm or for a company. You can also work for a company that contracts with businesses to provide customer service and telemarketing services. You will need to commit to a certain number of hours a week and to being available during set times. You'll also need to have good hearing or a hearing aid that allows clear communication on the phone.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant provides many of the same functions as an administrative assistant but the job is done by email, video conferencing, and the exchange of documents and files via the Internet. The job includes such activities as answering emails, engaging in live chat with customers or clients, providing research, and posting on forums and discussion boards. It also could include blogging, updating your client's social media sites and posting on other social media sites.

Educational Tutor

Put your experience as a teacher to use by tutoring. Find work by letting schools and parent groups know you're available. Contact websites that provide tutoring services through the Internet. Most of them require you to pass a test in the subjects you plan to tutor and go through a mock tutoring session.

Virtual Nanny

Parents worry about older children who are at home alone after school for a few hours before the parents get home. Set up a nanny service where the child must call you when he gets home from school and you call him several times to check up on him. Some parents may wish to set up a web cam so you can visually check on the child and talk to him. This service works for seniors who live alone as well. Many worry that they could get hurt and it would be several days before anyone knows about it. The service includes calling them two or three times a day to check up on them. If they don't answer the phone, you call their relative, neighbor or the police, as agreed upon beforehand.

About the Author

Brian Hill is the author of four popular business and finance books: "The Making of a Bestseller," "Inside Secrets to Venture Capital," "Attracting Capital from Angels" and his latest book, published in 2013, "The Pocket Small Business Owner's Guide to Business Plans."